Monday, January 16, 2012

Leslie Hall is a Midwest Diva

Please send a representative. I've just made the world's smallest gem sweater in the world. Seriously, it is small. And it has gems on it. And I made it. That's why it says "Crafty is Cool"!
Leslie Hall in her Crafty is Cool gem sweater. It needs a name.
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Friday, January 13, 2012

Free Pattern Friday! Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath

Valentine's Day Yarn Wreath
As soon as the Christmas decorations come down in my house, I like to get things moving on to the next holiday. Sure I could try to decorate for "Winter" but I really love red and pink and hearts and all that stuff, so I go straight for Valentine's Day!
I'm sure some people would wait until February to decorate (if they decorate at all) but then what do you have? Two weeks? No way! I say decorate in January and revel in the awesomeness longer. (That is the reason I decorate for Halloween at the beginning of September, after all!)

I have a spot in my kitchen where I always hang a wreath. My front door is a craftsman-type, with windows at the top and a little ledge, so I can never quite figure out hanging a wreath there. I always look for a cute wreath for Valentine's day at the usual places: Target, Hobby Lobby, etc, but I never find the right one. So with all these awesome yarn wreaths I love to drool over on Pinterest, I thought I'd make my own! This one is super easy and the heart pattern is fun and quick.

Free pattern after the jump!

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