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My first book, AmiguruME: Make Cute Crochet People is now available to preorder on amazon! The release date looks to be October 1st, 2013, and you can order it now, pay for it when it is released, and receive the book super quick!


Make a miniature version of you, your friends, and celebrities too! You'll absolutely love this comprehensive guide to creating amigurumi people. Media favorite Allison Hoffman—whose delightful creations have graced the sets of Conan, Martha Stewart, Glee, and more—explains how to craft and customize these Japanese dolls at every stage. You'll learn everything from depicting the face of the person you're designing to getting the clothing, hair, and accessories just right. The possibilities are infinite . . . and infinitely fun! 

About the Author
Allison Hoffman designs amigurumi patterns from her studio in Austin, TX since and her work has since been seen everywhere from The Martha Stewart Show to Conan, as well as in art exhibits around the United States. She is frequently featured in both pop-culture and craft publications, such as Crochet Today, Interweave Crochet,,, and more. She blogs at and designs patterns for several yarn companies. She teaches amigurumi classes in Austin, where she lives with her husband, three little boys, and two Labs.

Praise for Allison Hoffman and AmiguruME:

"Crocheter Allison Hoffman (probably crocheting right now) crochets up a storm! Crafty, crochet-y fun!!!" 
Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens)

"Whether you're a fan girl/guy who's dying for a yarn version of your favorite celeb or a dedicated grandparent who'd love crocheted likenesses of your favorite kiddos, this book's for you. Allison is the queen of crocheted characters."
Vickie Howell, designer, craft book author, and TV personality 

"When Allison made a crocheted doll with my likeness, I knew that I had truly made it. She is to crochet what Tupac is to rap." 
Conan O'Brien

"Allison is a crafting genius. Of all the gifts that have been bestowed on me, I have to say the doll she made to look like me is my favorite." 
Ahmir “Questlove” Thompson of The Roots and 
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

“Allison Hoffman is a master at marrying pop culture and craft, creating real-life likenesses that are always awesome. Her astonishing attention to detail is reflected on every page of this book. Never before had I considered making a doll of my beloved-but-feared second-grade teacher, but now I know I must.” 
Kim Werker, author of Crochet Me



  1. I can't wait until your book is published! I'll definitely buy it.

  2. Also thank you so much for making a book on how to crochet people! I have been wanting to crochet people for the longest time! And you are the master at crocheting I'm sure the book will be fantastic!

    PS: I'm the poster above.

  3. I am so excited for this book! I never thought I could do amigurumi (and I can't sew to save my life) and I thought I was doomed to live life unable to turn the characters I imagined up in my head into real life things!
    Thanks to your tutorials and free patterns I'm now creating my own patterns! And after I buy your book I can crochet my own personal versions of my favorite people!!

  4. I agree Candra! I can hardly wait! I want to crochet versions of my grandparents and people I know. I can't wait! October come quickly! :)

  5. i cant wait!!!!!! im counting down the days!!!!!

  6. Yay! I just ordered your book! I can't wait until October 1st!

  7. I am trying to find a pattern for Kailan. I saw yoyu made a cute one. I have a 3 year old granddaughter that thinks she is Kailan. It is too funny.

  8. So excited for your book! I made your Martha Stewart, so I am very excited to get basics and start creating my own characters! I already have it pre ordered!

  9. Will the Carl Sagan pattern be in this book?

  10. I can't wait until your book is finally in my post box. I'm from Germany and admire your works a lot. I hope amazon.GER releases your book simultaneously to the US-release, so that I can start to crochet my own puppets - I really want to crochet my father who tought me everything about crocheting. Wishing you all the best!

  11. I received your book from Amazon a few days ago (September 20), and it's WONDERFUL! I love that it really is a mix-and-match guide to creating your own characters and people, not just making an existing character. It's so much more fun that way and it really opens up the possibilities!

  12. Hi i love your book and am so excited to make family dolls.....I am wanting to make a hoodie and on the windbreaker pg 60 you state there is a pattern for one but i can,t find it on the next two i missing something...many thanks

    1. You can find the correction here:

  13. Any chance of publishing your book in digital format?

  14. I just got your wonderful book, but I have just one question. Do you have a pattern for the 5'clock shadow look on page 21?


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