Friday, October 3, 2014

Friday FAQs -- Skin-toned yarn

Every Friday I'll be posting a Frequently Asked Question that deserves a good answer!

Question: What yarns do you recommend using for skin tones?

Answer: In my book I went over some different yarns I like to use for skin tones. When I make dolls I tend to use a lot of the main color skin yarn and it is surprisingly really difficult to match skin tones!

(Are you listening, yarn companies? YES I'm ready to help you come up with a line of multicultural yarns for skin tones!)
So, like, THIS, in YARN!

Lots of the yarns I end up using are beige, tan, brown, and variations of those. In my never-ending quest for peach caucasian toned yarn, I have found some winners and some losers. Unfortunately lots of peach yarn you can find is neon-ish and hurts my eyes. Doesn't work for skin.

It's fairly easy to find brown tones for darker skin. I love using Red Heart "Soft" yarn in Toast, Hobby Lobby's "I Love This Yarn" in Toasted Almond (available in store only, apparently), and Bernat "Satin" in Sable
 (lighter still).

For a peach complexion, I love using Caron "Simply Soft Yarn" in Light Country Peach, which is getting increasingly hard to find and I have to order it online, and a new one for me,  Hobby Lobby "I Love This Yarn" in Light Peach.

What yarns have you found that work well for skin tones? I'd love to hear!

What FAQ would you like answered next week? Please post below!


  1. I soooo wish yarn companies would come out with skin tones!!!!! Thank-you for sharing what ones you use, definitely saving this post!!!!!

  2. I know it's kind of taboo, but I really like Red Heart Super Saver in Buff for "white people" skin. Probably because it's only half a shade off from my own skin in colour.

  3. I found a gorgeous pale nude colour from moda Vera which is made by spotlight in Australia. Other than that its the endless search for something that works.

  4. I found that Bernat Satin in Camel works well for matching my skin.

  5. Have only made one doll so far used Vanna's Choice in soft pink.
    As for next week any tips on stuffing the legs that caused me the most problems.

    1. Try over stuffing the body and when you complete your close off on the legs insert your hook and gently manipulate the stuffing into each appendage, I've found that this works quite well.

  6. I think I have searched every Michael's , AC Moore, Joanns and local craft stores in search for the perfect skin tones.. Finally searching the Internet and Lo and behold hit pay dirt. Weir Crafts has a large variety of skin tone yarns for Afriacn American Dolls, and as you mentioned I use Caron light country peach for my Caucasian dolls which I also order online through Joanns. Love your book btw. It has brought my doll making to a whole other level!

  7. I tend to use Red Heart yarns for skin tones. Aran, Buff, Warm brown, and very recently I bought the dark brown RH yarn in soft. I agree with you peach tones are difficult to find.

  8. Like Knitter Kris, I use Vanna's Choice in soft pink. I tried the lighter Caron and it's not natural looking enough! I also bought her yarn in Toffee for another doll.

  9. For caucasian skin, I normally use Lily Sugar 'n Cream Scents in Camomile. It looks great!

  10. Glad know that peach color for a skin tone is hard to find I'm new to making multiply culture dolls but some of your suggestions are good ladies

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