Custom Orders

Would you like me to make you a custom doll or pattern that you don't see here? There's certain information I need before I can give you a price and turnaround time. Here's a simple form to fill out with everything I need to know. Please answer all questions as thoroughly as possible so that I may give you the most accurate price quote and completion time. Thank you!

Custom dolls start at $250 for 10-11" (standard size) dolls and $150 for pets. Based on details and/or props, prices are higher and sometimes lower. 


Are you interested in a custom completed doll or just a pattern?


Just write me a pattern!

Please describe what kind of doll you are looking for.

How large do you want the doll to be?

6" or less

12" or less

larger than 12"

not applicable

When is the latest that you need it by? Flexibility in this area counts!

Email Address:

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