Friday, January 29, 2010

Peek into Wonderland

My name being Allison, when I was growing up I got called Allison Wonderland pretty often :)  I always thought the movie was kind of bizarre, but that Disney version seems mainstream now after seeing the Tim Burton preview!  Now that's bizarre!  Bizarrely AWESOME!  I don't know if Bizarrely is a word, but, I digress, I decided to make an Alice doll.  She's not really the Disney version, not really the Tim Burton version so much either.  Of course she's blonde, but really this pattern could be made into just a sweet doll, not necessarily a storybook character.  Her little white rabbit took a whole 15 minutes to make, and the pattern is just too easy and fun NOT to post here.  Make him for Alice and then in a couple months PLEASE make them in pastel colors and stick 'em in your kids Easter baskets.  That would be so cute!!

The White Rabbit!
Head and body:
Using white yarn and an E Hook, make an adjustable ring, ch 1, and sc 6 into ring.
R1: 2 sc each stitch (12)
R2: (2sc next st, sc next st)* rep around (18)
R3: (2sc next st, sc next 8 st)* rep around (20)
R4-10: sc each st (20)
R11: sc into first 10 st, skip next 10 st (10)
R12: starting at 1st st of R11, sc into each st (10)
R13: sc each st (10)
R14: sc2tog around (5)
Fasten off first leg.  Stuff bunny firmly.  Join yarn at 11th st of R10.  Repeat R11-14 for second leg.

Ears (make 2):
Using white yarn and an E Hook, make an adjustable ring, ch 1, and sc 6 into ring.

R1: (2sc next st, sc next st)* rep around (9)
R2-3: sc each st (9)
R4: dec 1 (8)
Fasten off, leaving a long tail.  Flatten ear and attach to top of rabbit's head.

Arms (make 2):
Using white yarn and an E Hook, make an adjustable ring, ch 1, and sc 6 into ring.

R1: (2sc next st, sc next st)* rep around (9)
R2: sc each st (9)
R3: dec 1 (8)
R4: dec 1 (7)
Fasten off leaving a long tail.  Stuff arm and sew to side of body.

Using black embroidery thread, embroider eyes using a french knot.  Come back up at same spot and make a french knot over the original to make the eye a little larger.  Embroider nose and mouth as a big "x".
Using pink embroidery thread, embroider nose using a satin stitch. 
Cut a small red heart from felt and either sew or glue to bunny's chest.
Shade white rabbit's ears with blush.  Done!

The White Rabbit's buddy Alice is NOW available as a pattern in my Etsy shop,  Happy hooking!


  1. Thanks for the free pattern. I am going to try and make the bunny today. I wish I could make the Alice but I am not that advanced :) Would it be okay if I linked to your blog about it?

  2. Thanks for visiting Olivia! I'd love to see the finished bunny---yes link away! :)

  3. I'm working on an Alice in Wonderland amidoll too <3 I love how yours came out, since she's not exactly the same as the Disney version...

    I'll follow your blog =D

  4. I love your patterns. They are all so goregous! The wild beasts look fantastic! I have just finished the body of the rabbit, but my 'feet' look all wrong. I didnt know how to close the ends neatly. Is there a proper way to do this? Thanks heaps :)

  5. Hi Tia! When you cut off the yarn leave it long enough to thread onto a yarn needle. Weave the tail through the last six stitches and pull tight, then weave the yarn through the middle and into the bunny. Then cut it off. This should close up the ends. Also make sure its stuffed enough to make it rounded out. Those last few stitches you make will be a tight squeeze or else they'll look all withered and skinny. Thanks!!

  6. Woow! Fantastic! The bunny is so cute ;)
    First time I`m on your blog and I`m sure I will be here more often.
    Magda :)

  7. Alice in Wonderland is my favorite!! You did such an awesome job!! I'm definitely going to be following your blog!

  8. Adorable - I love all your creations - would you have a bride & groom pattern?

  9. I've recently discovered your patterns on Etsy & finally got down to reading thru the blog archive...glad I did!

    I had to comment on this because I'm an Alison as well. Like you, I was called "Alison Wonderland" as a kid, but until I could read I thought that was HER NAME! (Pre-vhs/dvd days, ya know).

    Really enjoying your fun toys! Keep up the great work :) Alison

  10. Hi, I recently came across your blog and loved the bunnies for Easter suggestion. So far I've made 6 for Easter and 3 to tuck into birthday gifts. The birthday girls loved them. Thank you for the pattern.

  11. This makes me wish I had paid more attention when my mom was teaching me how to crochet and knit!

  12. Just discovering the wonderful world of Amigurumi. Love your work, hope I'm as good as you one day. Thanks heaps for the great freebies!!

  13. i love all of your designs and i just started when my aunt came to visit she taught me i love this cute little bunny and i posted it on facebook and i got lots of nice comments on it! I also made one of your baby monsters and i got tons of requests for me to make people one and i would love to see more free patterns cause i'm only 12 and not allowed to pay for patterns

  14. Your link to the Etsy crafty is cool shop is broken.

  15. This is wonderful!!! I've made a little brooch using this pattern of rabbit. It's cool. pretty little thing.. Thank you a lot!

  16. I love your amigurumi projects and I'll try this one for my grandson :D
    thanks alot


  17. You have wonderful designs and I look forward to trying many of them! Happy Thursday, and thank you!

  18. Hola que tal? me llamo Esther y he creado un blog de amigurumis, me encantan tus diseños. Te voy a dejar mi dirección del blog, por si quieres pasarte. Voy a hacer este conejito en cuanto tenga tiempo y publicaré con él, cuando lo hago te aviso. Hay alguna forma de hacerte seguidor del blogg con bloger? Un saludo


  20. Where do I find the doll to make? I can't wait to try the rabbit.
    My name come from Allison Wonderland too.

  21. Hi Allison! I just recently started crocheting and stumbled upon your wonderful blog. You really are amazing!
    I do have a question however. While attempting this pattern, my bunny ears came out more round (like bear ears) rather than long like the one in your picture. Should I just keep crocheting a couple of more rows, each time decreasing by 1, in order to get the classic bunny ear shape?

    Thanks a lot!! I love your work!

    1. Same problem with ears. I can see in the photo there are a lot more rows than in the description. Ears come out looking like they are arms - very short.

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