Monday, April 19, 2010

I know you are, but what am I? Amigurumi!

You know how when you're a kid you watch movies or TV shows and you think they're so great and funny and cool, and then you remember them when you're an adult and go back to watch them, and you can't believe you were so into it when you were young and had a completely different sense of humor? Well, watching Pee-Wee's Playhouse totally does not apply.
A few years ago we ordered the complete series on DVD and I swear, they never get old. I have three little boys that LOVE watching right along with me. What is it about that show? It was so fun, with smart writing and totally off-the-wall plotlines, Tim Burton-esque special effects, and the star of it all was pretty dynamic. Who didn't want a Picture-phone or a mousehole full of tiny dinosaurs? Even when Randy showed up or a salesman came knocking, it was still the coolest place on Saturday morning. Who else LOVES Pee-Wee??

I made a lil Pee-Wee doll, and luckily I wrote down a pattern as I went because now you can make one yourself with a little bit of crochet know-how. That gray jacket he's sporting unbuttons and comes off, but unfortunately that is NOT a boomerang bow-tie. It's permanently affixed to Pee-Wee's neck. His sweet white shoes will look great while he's doing the "Tequila" dance, however, so get him to a biker bar ASAP!

(and please click on those links to see some great moments with Pee-Wee!)
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  1. I've been a naughty blog stalker for months and this morning I've been sharing links to your creations with my Facebook friends and on Pinterest so... I thought it was high time for me to actually comment and say a proper 'Hello' and to tell you I think you have ama-a-a-azing talent and love what you do!!!

    Thank you for sharing your creativity. (Pee-Wee won my family over years ago and we love sharing quality Pee-Wee creations when we find them.)

    ~Ann Harrison


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