Tuesday, November 9, 2010

CraftyisCool and the Conan Shoutout

So like everyone else on Team Coco, for the last 10 days I'd been furiously refreshing twitter, checking for that elusive T-shirt code.  Refresh. Refresh. Refresh.  I don't know what app you might be using on your phones, but when I use the Twitter app on my iPhone, a tweet that mentions me shows up in blue.  The world stopped spinning when I saw the picture of Conan and that monkey next to a blue tweet.

I made that blimp because I knew the real blimp would lend itself really well to crochet, and because I knew it would be something different that he'd probably not gotten before.  I shipped it off a couple of weeks ago with a letter blabbering on about how he was so great, inspiring, awesome, etc. and I didn't expect much.  I am pretty sure I asked to just get a picture sent if at all possible, of Conan with the blimp, or Aaron Bleyaert with the blimp.  I just didn't think they'd get to it, especially with all the hoopla of the new show!  They did, though, and it has been awesome!  There was that tweet, and then the write up on the Team Coco blog!  I got a lot of new friends on twitter, sold a few Conan patterns, and now have frameable artwork for my walls.  It's a dream come true.

The day after I mailed Conan his blimp, I got an email from the designer of the actual blimp.  He liked my softee version a lot!  So now he's going to be the proud owner of Conan Blimp #2!  Here I am, in my lucky Zombie Conan shirt (thanks Team Coco!) showing it off!

Not to eat a dead horse (HA that was a Walking Dead joke!) but wasn't the first night great?  That cold opening, especially the Coco clown--brilliant!  When Conan came out he was dressed just like my lil' Coco!  Check it out!  Maybe the suit is slightly different.  But hey, same shirt, same tie!  Same pomp!

Thanks to everyone for coming to check out my blog, and I would really LOVE to see your blimps if you make one!  The Conan pattern is still available too, and I've got lots more in store in the coming weeks!


  1. Allison,
    good for you! i was so happy to see conan with the blimp. Even though I didn't know right away who did this, I knew it was you! good luck with your business too!

  2. Allison this is So AWESOOME! Lucky girl.

  3. Did you see on the second episode the very short animation with your crochet conan blimp after an advertisement break????

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