Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Pattern! New Year!

Happy 2011!  It's a fresh start, and I have a fresh pattern!  Jambi has been written for a while, just waiting to be edited and checked over a couple more times, and now he's in my shop!  Available on Ravelry or Etsy for your downloadable pleasure...  He's also available in a brand new pattern set!  All of my Pee-wee's Playhouse patterns together!


  1. I love PEE WEE and friends!!! Super cute! I'm currently obsessed with Pee Wee again after seeing his Broadway show. I bet he would love his own set of Pee Wee, Jambi, and Chairry. Awesome job on the new Jambi addition!

  2. it is super cute:)))))))))))your works are very nice and creative..congrats!I love knitting,croching and amigurumi ,too.I will be a follower of your blog up to now..I have a blog,too.please visit my blog and see my amigurumies:
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