Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oprah! Sue! Polar Opposites!

Two new amigurumi designs today, folks! One of them is super mean and nasty, and one of them is Oprah! Yes, I designed Sue Sylvester, the Cheerios cheer coach you love to hate from the show you love to love, Glee. I've been proudly watching from the first episode, so call me a Gleek. I've loved Jane Lynch since Best in Show and am so glad she's getting so much recognition for playing this role! She's hilarious! She delivers the best lines in that show! Here's a link to some awesome Sue quotes.

So I made Sue for my Facebook 500 Fan contest, as a special "award" to the winner, Jennifer Williams. Sue will soon be on her way to, get this, Lima, Ohio. That's where Jennifer is from and that's where the show is set! Perfect! So Sue will be right at home, I'm sure. The Sue pattern is available now in my Etsy shop. Hope you think she's wickedly adorable.

Like I said, I also made an Oprah! I made this one for Lion Brand Yarn. Its featured in the current Yarnplay newsletter. It's a free pattern! I hope you love her. I loved making her!

I'm really looking forward to designing some more for Lion Brand, and I hope you like what we have in store next!


  1. you are making some amazing things :-) I am sitting here smiling - it´s going to bee a very good day. I´am trying to craft a little..... this is good inspiration. Thank you.....

  2. Your creations are amazing! You are one talented lady for sure. I crochet and have played around in the land of amigurumi, but have never created my own pattern. I hope to one day get the courage to try. Thanks for sharing your amazing creations! I will be stalking your blog now. ;0)

  3. Hello! Just discovered you thanks to Lion Brand Yarns on Facebook. Man, there are some *nasty* folks commenting over there, and I hope you'll disregard them, and realize their remarks have nothing to do with your totally clever, imaginative, well-done and FUN items and everything to do with their bad attitudes.

    I subscribed to your blog and already found several goodies I *need* to make! Thanks a bunch.

  4. Thanks everyone for visiting!
    @Lynda -- It's Ok :) Pretty humorous, if you ask me!

  5. Amazing!!!!! Your doll-Sue is really like the human-Sue.
    A kiss from Spain.


    - Chris Harris

  7. Soooo awesome! LOVE Sue! And how did you get Oprah's hair so wavy??

  8. Double Stitch TwinsMarch 6, 2011 at 10:13 PM

    This is super cool!

  9. Doesnt this woman have enough things about her....

  10. Looks like you are having fun! Spread the cheer.....

  11. Thanks everyone!!
    @Megan -- Check out the pattern---its just Vanna's choice worsted, picked apart into plys!
    @Ever Changing -- maybe you could adapt the pattern into someone you like? LOts of people like Oprah and I was asked specifically to make her :)
    Thanks for your comments!

  12. Oh, nice! I found your blog through Craftster.

    I LOVE the Oprah doll - Lion Brand's patterns have been nothing great for some time now, it's nice to see they're actually employing some good designers now.

    I envy so people who can design - I'm an expert knitter and crocheter, but I can't design to save my life. I need you!

  13. I love your Oprah doll and am so excited to get to try one of your amazing doll patterns! But for some reason, none of the links to her are working, either from your site or from the Yarnplay site. Searching on LionBrand's website doesn't work, either. Any secret tips for getting to her?

  14. With Kimi - the pattern link isn't working. Is it possible to get the pdf another way?

  15. @Kimi and Pat -- the pattern has been removed! Sorry about that. I have a new pattern coming soon with Lion Brand that you'll like and I think the subject will like more too ;)

  16. That's so sad! Can't wait to see your next one though :)

    Your wording confuses and intrigues me -- "...that you'll like and I think the subject will like more too" ? Oprah didn't like her amigurumi?

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