Sunday, May 15, 2011

Countdown to Renegade!

In one week I'll be wrapping up my first Renegade Craft Fair, and Austin's second. I'm really excited to be a part of it, although its been dominating my life for the past three months since I found out I was accepted into it! I'm going to have some of the most popular designs in my shop, lots of patterns, and some new stuff, like keychains and little owl kits that I made just for RCF! The owl kits will have a special discount code inside for my shop, as well as everything you need to make a little amigurumi owl. Here's the "flyer" for the show!

You want to see the tiny owls you can make with the Austin Owl Kit?

Each kit includes yarn, fabric, felt, buttons, stuffing, and even a yarn needle and a crochet hook! The pattern is super quick and simple, especially for beginners that want to learn.

Please come by and say HI! I'll be in booth 29. When I got that assignment, by the way, I was floored. The number 29 seems to be recurring in my life. My children have birthdays on the 2nd, the 9th, and the 29th. My husband even has a tattoo with the number 29 in it. It was fate, I tell ya! I would have picked that number if they gave me the option!


  1. I can't wait!! Wait until yall see all of the wonderful things she has made. She'll have the cutest booth there!

  2. can I purchase this cool kit online? Don't live anywhere near but I'm sure your booth will be the best!

  3. Hi Daphne! I've posted the pattern on my pattern page (Linked above) and the pattern includes a list of items you need. Thank you so much! :D


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