Friday, March 29, 2013

Life is too short for boring hooks

A month ago I found the cutest thing. A crochet hook with a gnome on top. Yep.

My new crochet hook from The Lemonade Shop

Sure, I have lots of crochet hooks. I have metal ones, wooden ones, plastic ones, ergonomic-handled ones. Some were inherited, some were gifted to me, and some I bought. 

But I don't have any hooks with gnomes on top! The sweetest girl, Heather Rhoads of The Lemondade Shop, sent me a crochet hook to try out. I chose this little guy but if you prefer hedgehogs or foxes, you'll find something you like. She even has Big Bang Theory stitch markers and Star Wars hooks, among others. I love the unicorn!

Gnome hook action shot!

If you find something you like, let me know in the comments below! Thanks Heather!


  1. bah that is so cute. I hold my hook differently though, so I think he would get in the way

    he looks like david the gnome!

  2. I love everything there! Omgoodness! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh no! Now I need a cute crochet hook too!

  4. Oh mah gawds!!
    I NEED that unicorn hook! :O

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