Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Strike a Pose!

My new favorite thing to do with my human-esque amigurumi is to make them poseable.  Without poseable limbs,
Parker couldn't hold his ukulele,

Thrawn couldn't look so menacing,

DJ Lance couldn't rock his funky beats,

and Jimmy Kimmel couldn't cuddle with his lil' Guillermo!

Figuring out how to make amigurumi poseable isn't completely intuitive, and I've been wanting to do a little tutorial on here for a while, so here it is: 

CraftyisCool's Guide to Poseable Amigurumi

* I'm only covering posing arms here, but of course the same principles can be applied to making legs poseable too. (Michael Jackson DEFINITELY needs poseable legs!)

You'll need the following items to begin:
  • stuffing tool
  • 16 gauge wire
  • small bit of stuffing
  • armless amigurumi
  • amigurumi arms
  • small sharp scissors
  • yarn needle

Step One:  Stuff the arms sparingly.  I like to use this long stick but the eraser end of a pencil works great too.

Step Two:  Measure a piece of 16 gauge wire.  When both arms and the body are laid out, the wire should be long enough to fit across all three pieces as if they were assembled.

Step Three:  Bend the tip of the wire and insert it into the first arm through to the hand.  The bent end should not come out.

Step Four:  Insert the long end of the wire into the body where the arm will be placed.

Step Five:  Push the wire all the way through to the opposite side at the corresponding spot where you'll want to sew your other arm.

Step Six:  Bend the tip of the wire you just pulled through and insert into the other arm.

Step Seven: Sew both arms to the body around the wire core.

Step Eight:  Pose!

Hope you learned something from me and my bald expressionless Conan!


  1. Oh my gosh, this is fantastic. Every time I come to your blog I have to add something ELSE to my craft shopping list. :O)

  2. Such a smart and yet simple solution! It even makes it simpler to attach the limbs as well. Thanks for sharing that!

  3. Thanks Lisa and Lies! Glad you could use the ideas :D

  4. I know I'm commenting on a REALLY old post, but I've been surfing around as a result of following you on twitter for weeks/months. Your dolls are BEAUTIFUL and intricate and amazing. How long do they take you because it seems that they should take days for each one at least. With the level of detail you put into some of them. Weeks maybe? I know crochet isn't the timely part, but all of the rest of it... Yikes.


  5. Wow! So simple and yet what a difference! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. This is so simple but brilliant!
    I stumbled across this while looking for a way to put feet on a doll I'm making for a friend, but now it looks like I'm going to have to remake her arms XP

  7. i love this idea. im learning amigurumi so i can make some glee dolls (specifically santana and brittany) thanks for all the great ideas.

  8. This is a good idea. Here is a good tip:
    I have also used pipe cleaner in place of the 16 gauge wire. Some crafters may already have that on hand. They are usually more than long enough for an individual arm, leg or other posable parts. If it needs to be shorten, just carefully fold it and squeeze (pinch) the folded side together. If you need a longer piece, fold the the ends of two pipe cleaners together). They are already various color and sometimes enhance the look of a creation, depending on it use.

  9. this is cool, great tutorial...thanks forposting

  10. Just wondering, I know this is an age-old post, where do you get your wire?

    1. HI Savannah! Craft stores sell it in the jewelry section. I just bought a big roll today at Joann's!

  11. Thank you! I've managed to find some at my local craft store. Best investment ever. :)

  12. I'm very curious to know what kind of yarn you used for the skin!

  13. is it possible to wash thoses dolls with wire inside?

  14. Can you show or describe how to go from the second to third fingers for the baby creature?


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