Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Matthew wants you to win!

Matthew McConaughey came over again.

Little amigurumi Matthew McConaughey is back with some interesting news.

He already talked with Austin Eavesdropper about the Top 10 Things to do in Austin. Now he has the scoop on a contest that is running here in Austin for SXSW. It's pretty serious too, since the grand prize is $5,000 and all you have to do is stroll around downtown scanning QR codes to get the cash!

Citysearch recently appointed me a local Austin scout, which means I'll be writing reviews and suggestions on my favorite (and not favorite) things here in Austin over on the Citysearch site, starting with SXSW, of course. I'll be on hand, along with lots of the other Citysearch scouts (a real who's who of Austin bloggers and who I feel lucky to hang out with!), to help run this pretty sweet scavenger hunt this weekend. Matthew will be with us, just helping out and serenading us with the heavenly intonations of his bongo.

Stores around the downtown Austin area will have cute little signs like this in the window.

When you see little Sid E. Serch, just scan the QR code on the sign and follow the instructions. There will even be instant win prizes when you scan these codes, like $300 on the spot! You don't have to aimlessly wonder, looking for codes. There will be a list of hints so you can expertly navigate your way around and win that money!

Want some more details? Follow this link for all the details from Citysearch and Sid E. Serch.

Remember! The codes won't go live until Friday, March 9th at 7:00 pm central. You'll have until Sunday to find all the codes you can to get the most points.

I'll leave you all with a candid shot I took while Matthew was practicing his yoga this morning. He's so uninhibited, isn't he?


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