Tuesday, March 24, 2015

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Buy GOLDEN GIRLS crochet patterns on ETSY
Buy GOLDEN GIRLS crochet patterns on RAVELRY

I have a running list of "dream projects" in my Erin Condren Life Planner. There's things I might never get around to, and there's things I'm working on right now. One of the projects that has been on there the longest is to do a full set of The Golden Girls.

I used to watch it when it came on in prime time. Truthfully, I wasn't killing myself to never miss an episode, and many (many) of the jokes were way over my head. I thought it was funny, though, and my sisters and mom and I still reference it to this day.

You know how you like a show when you're a kid, and you go back and watch it as an adult, and it is sooo different from what you remember? Either it's WAY lamer than your 4th grade mind imagined it (I'm looking at you, "Silver Spoons" and "Three's Company"), or it's so much better than you remember ("Good Times", "The Jeffersons", and yes, even "Murder, She Wrote").  Golden Girls is a prime example of that. If you haven't watched it in a while, PLEASE, watch some clips right now. It is hilarious.


Anyway, I finally got to mark the Golden Girls off my list! Yahoo! Here they are:

Dorothy Zbornak crochet amigurumi

Golden Girls crochet amigurumi

Sophia Petrillo crochet amigurumi

Golden Girls crochet amigurumi

Golden Girls crochet amigurumi set

By now you are ready to make your own, right?! The patterns are available in my Etsy shop and my Ravelry shop. Make them for yourself or give them to a friend. They use simple crochet techniques and the set is 31 pages long with lots of photos and illustrations. Each pattern includes a comprehensive list of materials, with a list of yarns I used for each example. Let me know if you have any questions!

So, are you a Dorothy, a Blanche, a Rose, or a Sophia?


  1. Can't wait to try and make them!! I think I am most like Dorothy, but my daughter thinks I am more like Blanche! Haha!!

  2. Recently I saw a clip on Jimmy Fallon where he and Christina Aguilera had to sing certain songs in the voice of a certain singer - Christina got to sing the theme from Golden Girls (in the voice of Shakira lol). Anyway, since then I started rewatching The Golden Girls and you're so right about the show being funny even now as an adult! And I get all the jokes now haha. I'd have to say I'm a Dorothy for sure so thank you for creating the set because I think that's where I'm going to start :)

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  4. I am probably a Sophia. I was gifted your Golden Girls patterns for Christmas, but I must confess trying to do their hair is going to drive me to Shady Pines. Have you ever done an instructional YouTube video on this?

  5. Where have the patterns gone? I was trying to purchase these but they are apparently no longer available. Why?

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