Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Prepping for Valentine's anyone??

In the grand tradition of procrastinating on this blog, I now present the third free pattern I promised way back in '09.  Ok, that wasn't really all THAT long ago, was it?  But it sounds like it :)

When I set up a demo booth at the Handmade Nation craft fair here in Austin, one of the kits I put together was for this here little Happy Heart Pin.  I thought it would be fitting to post this baby up before Valentine's Day.  If you're especially productive, you could even crochet up a couple dozen and pin them on some cute homemade cards for your kids at school.  If you aren't so dedicated to spreading the handmade love, you could just make one for yourself to wear around for a few weeks leading up to Valentine's day. 
Here she is!

Happy Heart Pin

Red worsted weight yarn
Black safety eyes (6mm)
Black embroidery floss
(E-I) Hook (larger hook will make Happy bigger)
Yarn needle
Polyester stuffing
Craft glue

ch: chain
sc: single crochet
st: stitch
sc2tog: single crochet 2 st together (decrease)

*     *     *

Starting at point of heart and with red yarn, make an adjustable ring, ch 1, and sc 3 into the ring. Pull closed.

R1: Work 2sc into each st (6)

R2: (2sc into next st, sc into next st)* repeat to end of round (9)

R3: (2sc into next st, sc into next 2 st)* repeat to end of round (12)

R4: (2sc into next st, sc into next 3 st)* repeat to end of round (15)

R5: (2sc into next st, sc into next 4 st)* repeat to end of round (18)

R6: sc into the next 9 st, skip next 9 st.

(**You have now started the right side of the top of the heart.)

R7: starting at the first stitch of R6, sc into each st (9)

R8: (sc2tog, sc into next st)* into each st (6)

Fasten off by slip stitching into the next stitch. Leave a tail . Using the yarn needle, weave tail through last row of stitches and pull tightly to close the hole.

You should now insert the eyes into the heart. The backing piece will be snapped onto the back, inside the heart. It will be a tight fit!

Attach yarn back onto the open side of the yarn, starting on the inside and you will work around the opening. You can either tie a knot to attach the new yarn or you can insert the hook on the outside into the first stitch and pull the yarn up through the work, and sc for your first stitch. Repeat R6-8 on the other side to create the second top bump.

Embroider a tiny smile onto Happy Heart's face.

Glue pinback onto the back of the heart.



  1. Really enjoying your talent!! I found you on ravelry for the tiny monsters and can't stop browsing. I had to comment on this picture, I have the same shirt and love it .)

    Re: Your free patterns, I assumed they were for personal or charity use only and want to make the monsters for children in need in my area. I just wanted to double check and make sure. I'll shoot you an email but wanted to post here in case I forget later. Thanks for all you do .)

  2. These are so cute, along with some of the sweet little critters, to crochet up w/a group and hand out at hospitals for children. I just bet folks in an assisted living would love thes little hearts from visitors...wish I could get up a group(I am a beginner/easy) to get some done before the holdiays...Your crochet is so sweet.

  3. Hi, I belive that all of your free patterns are great!! Im am an expert at crochetting and im olnly twelve!! Ok but enough about me, I don't really understand these instructions, there kind of confusing to me. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I need some help, maybe you can make it more clear? Thank you in advance though, I'll cheack back as soon as i can to see if you made any changes, by the way, my name is Katherine. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING ELSE!

  4. Those ‘Happy Heart Pins’ are just so cute but will also make great homemade gifts on Valentine’s Day. You can either send handmade love to your kids by leaving them at school or even wear it yourself even if you want, the pattern adds a touch of warmth and personalization.

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