Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Black Friday SALE! OR, Ode to Shopping....

Every year at Thanksgiving,
my mom and sisters wait.
We search the ads for bargains
and wake in a frenzied state.
The turkey dinner boxed up
in Rubbermaid containers galore
will feed our families so that
at 5 we're out the door!

Toys R Us and Target
oh how we love your sales!
Starbucks is our first stop.
A gingerbread latte never fails
to make the sun rise earlier
and make us line up fast
for Legos, video games and nerf guns
that surely will not last!

So Crafty is Cool will celebrate
with a sale so fun for you.
Anyone that buys a pattern
can pick a free one too!

OK rhyming aside, I will be having a sale on Friday! If you make a purchase (one per customer or etsy account) you can choose any ONE pattern listed below for free! Don't add it to your order, simply order the pattern or patterns or pattern set you want and then when you check out, note which free pattern you would like and it will be included with your paid-for patterns! Easy!

Brobee (Yo Gabba Gabba)

Oswald (Oswald)

Astro Boy

Max (Where the Wild Things Are)

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