Monday, June 28, 2010

Because I am so CLASSY....

Haha.  Get it, classy?  I'm going to be teaching CLASSES!  Yeah, yeah.  Har har. 

So I get my Moo cards, and I think, I need to give these things out!  They're adorable!  They have my information on one side, and pictures of some of my creations on the other.  I love them.  Anyway, I get the little box and decide to head over the yarn store down the street (literally), The Knitting Nest.  They are having a class with Franklin Habit, a popular blogger, knitter, writer, comic-drawer (word?), and its Worldwide Knit in Public Day.  The owner was around and I asked her if she'd like my patterns to sell, she said she had seen my Conan and she'd love it.  Long story short, I dropped off a binder-full of patterns to display (just order them on etsy like everyone else! ;)) and a Pee-Wee, a DJ Lance Rock, Michael Jackson (I'll get to that in a minute), and a Conan!  I also brought along a rainbow of baby monsters, 10 to be exact, that I'm going to show you, blog reader, how to make! (IF you take my Basic Amigurumi class July 8th from 10:30-12:30 OR July 17th 2-4 at The Knitting Nest, in Austin.)

I'm also going to teach a class on a more "advanced" project, which my little boy, 4 (that's his age, not his name), dubbed "Lovey".  They're doing a Monster-making contest for July, hence the monstrous projects.

If these projects don't look challenging enough and you want to go a step further, there's the "Make Your Own Monster" (or whatever else you want to make) Workshop, July 25th from 2-5.  When I make all my amigurumi, I start with a sketch, draw all over that sketch with nonsensical (to others) numbers and drawings and chickenscratch, and come up with a pattern.  Then I start crocheting, making adustments as I go.  I'm going to teach you how to do this too, starting with a simple sketch.

The Knitting Nest has every flavor of Cascade 220 wool yarn imaginable.  It's a little breathtaking when you walk in and see the spectrum of color on the wall.  I'm about ready to toss all the acrylic that is crowding my bins and trade it all in for nicer yarn, but I have to take baby steps.  It really feels different to work with better yarn.   

So if you're in Austin, I'd love to have you in one of my classes!  If you're not in Austin, it is a nice place to visit and I'll see you there anyway!  I'm excited to start and hope you can learn a lot. 

What I was also going to show you was my "yet-to-have-a-written-pattern-for" Michael Jackson!  I wanted to make a Michael for a while and had so many different looks to choose from.  I had to go with this Beat It look, just for that jacket.  And yes, sticklers-for-accuracy, he didn't actually wear that bedazzled glove in that video, but how could I make Michael and not crochet a tiny sparkly glove?  I shall write that pattern, even if it kills me, which the jacket may nearly do, because there's so many little details.  But besides the jacket, how about that jeri curl yarn?  Amazing, huh?  Wait for the pattern, dear crocheters.  All in good time. 

So now you're done reading this extra-long blog post and now you are going to call the Knitting Nest, drop by to see all my work, or email Stacy to sign up, right?


  1. i'd love to attend your classes, but I don't even live on the continent :-(

  2. Girl, your gonna make me take a trip to Texas? If I find out sooner about your class, i just might make it out there, it'll be a good reason to get out of town, do you have anything planned for Aug.? sil5864@yahoo

  3. Oh man! Your designs are fantastic... I'm especially fond on Pee-Wee and Chairy. I have to take one of your classes!

  4. Are you selling the pattern for the pink Yo Gabba Gabba cousin looking monster girl? She's really cute.


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