Friday, July 30, 2010

Walking Tall -- Far from Yosemite

Just something non-amigurumi-related, still crafty and crochet-ish, and this is so intense....

My mom had knee surgery yesterday.. Long story short, she lost 72 pounds over the course of a year from sheer will-power and determination; meaning, she stopped eating junk and she started walking and sometimes running, EVERY day. She's a jock!!!  I'm very proud of her BUT she started having horrible knee pain and she needed surgery for torn cartilage, misaligned knee cap, bone spurs, etc. She can't walk now, of course, and the dr. said she could try crutches but I thought for home she needed something a little easier to use, more stable, etc, so.......duhduhduh (music of doom)....I got her a walker.

I knew just bringing over a "walker" wouldn't go over well. "Hey old lady, here's your walker!!" She hates "old age" stuff anyway, so I thought I'd add a little "pizazz" this:

I measured the rubber gripper handles and double crocheted double rainbow handles. Get it? They are about 5" by 5.5", one row of double crochet of each color, then two rows of gray single crochet on each edge, then wrapped around the handles, stitched together, and voila! A hip walker that even my prideful mother can stomach for a week or two! 

Go ahead, crochet some covers for your walker, a cozy for your neti pot, a throw rug for your wheelchair ramp (ok maybe not), or a doily to put under your nebulizer.  Its functional but why can't it be full-on double rainbow too??  :)

What does this mean?

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  1. May your mom be feeling better & speedier soon! In no time, I bet the walker and lovely rainbow-handles will be a blur of triumphant action :)


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