Friday, October 8, 2010

Catching up from Fall-ing Behind

Dang! What's my problem?!  Has it really been since the end of August that I blogged?  Why am I so bad at this?!  Well, in my own defense (which is odd because probably no one besides me is on the offense) Fall is usually the busiest time of year for most people, especially crafty-types, wouldn't you agree?  There's the whole back to school thing, Halloween costume planning and making, gifts for Christmas, stuff just for you, and if you're selling your stuff, orders.  I am not complaining.  I never relax anyway, so this is just normal stuff for me.  So when all those other things are bogging down my schedule, I guess blogging is on the back burner.
So here's to change!  I have been up to some good crafty stuff lately, and I wanted to share!  I was so excited to get custom orders for some awesome stuff.  Sometimes I run out of ideas and time so when people ask for specific things that they dreamed up, its so fun!  Recently I made this awesome Chuckles from Toy Story 3.  I'm not bragging about how awesome my Chuckles is, but if you have seen the movie you know what an awesome character Chuckles is.  Really underplayed, and absolutely zero representation in the huge retail push this summer.  So when a fellow Austinite asked me to make one for her boyfriend, I was thrilled!  Here he is!  I'll probably write up a pattern one of these days.  You know I always keep really detailed notes but it may look like chicken scratch to most people. 

But that's not all!  I also made a custom Wonder Woman, and the pattern is available!  I really loved her.  Her new owners love her too, I hear.  Her hair has black sport yarn and black sparkly yarn.  She's a superhero.

Beyond amigurumi designs, I took a few hours the other morning to liven up some dead-boring gray flats.  Linda Perman's amazing book Crochet Adorned has really innovative and not at all old-fashioned looking crochet ideas.  She has a stitch dictionary in the back with some beautiful flower designs.  I took her shoe embellishment idea and added some flowers.  What do you think?  I absolutely LOVE them and so do a few people that stopped me to ask about them when I was wearing them last night.

I have really super exciting edge of the seat news to share in November!  OK well, exciting to me, in a starstruck-celebrity-sighting kind of way.  But it does have to do with crochet and you will hear about it here first!  I love my job.

One more thing!  I'm going to be starting up some kind of newsletter/special announcement/sales alert/etc thing and there's a sign up right over there -------->  Thanks, all!


  1. i love all your patterns. i got your Wonder Woman pattern and a couple more.i remember watching Wonder Woman when i was a kid. i loved that show. i even had a Wonder Woman Halloween costume LOL.i'm working on making my own Wonder Woman now,can't wait to see her finished.i'll post a pic on your facebook fan page as soon as i can. i would love to sign up for a newletter thing. what do i need to do? ~Anne~

  2. hola, esta hermoso el personaje de toy history, venderas el patron? o lo postearas gratis, espero cualquiera de las dos, esta realmente impresionante, sigue asi, saludos!

  3. @Anne-- Since your comment I've added a sign up on the sidebar. I would LOVE to see your Wonder Woman!
    @Xarochita -- ¡Muchas gracias! No he tenido oportunidad de escribir el patrón para el payaso todavía, pero espero que muy pronto. Gracias por visitar mi blog! :)

  4. Genial!, gracias por responderme, llego tarde pero aqui ando como siempre disfrutando de tus creaciones, saludos!

  5. Hola, me encanto el payaso de toy story, el detalle del vestuario y su cara, podrías compartir el patrón? 1000 gracias, mi correo es


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