Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Branching Out

When you crochet amigurumi, the yarn you're usually working with is either acrylic, wool, a blend, sometimes cotton (which I usually hate working with), and almost always a solid color.  So when you go in a yarn store, choices are pretty limited as far as choosing awesome yarns in unique colorways.  Ya gotta make something else sometimes, just so you can buy some super-fantastic yarn!

Enter the Noro Plaid Scarf by Jessica Suzanne.  She made the scarf with Noro sock yarn, but I bought this Noro Kureyon at The Knitting Nest here in Austin (where I also teach!) with a birthday gift card and I had to make something worthy of its beautiful changing color.  (enough links for you?)  I reduced the beginning chain to 23 or 24 (check back with me after I make another one because I can't remember how many chains I started with! :)) and so there were eleven holes in the mesh of the base scarf.  It was fun to weave in all the chains at the end and see the color develop.  I think I'm going to set up a fall class for this scarf because it was really easy, pretty quick, and the end product would be a beautiful gift!

OK, enough about scarves, because I got a few custom orders that I'm super-duper excited about!  Hopefully, patterns will come soon after I finish them, in time for some Christmas crafting, so until then, here's what's coming:  Wonder Woman, Chuckles the Clown, and Jambi!


  1. Very nice use of the variegated yarn.

  2. JAMBI!!!!!! i am SOOOO excited!!! i <3 peewee!!! i would love to see a conkie...! *n_n*

  3. I LOOOOVE the Chuckles! I'm waiting for a pattern now! Toooo cute and wonderful replica, for lack of a better word.



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