Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back to crocheting!

Before I get started on some major writing time, I am finishing up some new projects!

A while back I had a contest on my Facebook page to come up with a new design. I chose ten "finalists" and the winner, ultimately, was Sue Sylvester. I made Sue and sent her away to the winner, Jennifer. After that I had a list of dolls I had sketched and planned out that I still really wanted to make! Dwight Shrute, from the Office and played brilliantly by Rainn Wilson, was one that I just couldn't leave as a drawing.

The pattern is available here and the doll is now up for sale too!

A custom order that I really LOVED doing recently was that of Bob Ross. Everyone knows Bob Ross, right? The Joy of Painting on PBS is one of those shows that suck you in. Before you know it, you're yearning to get out a canvas and decorate it with happy trees and fluffy fluffy clouds. Bob's soothing voice and amazing talent have cemented his status as a modern-day pop culture icon. I was thrilled to recreate him in yarn.

I don't have a pattern for Bob out yet, but I'm working on it today (and I'll announce when its ready on Facebook and twitter). Until then, you may see Bob on stage with the musical group We Are. Yay Bob! And here's a ton more photos of him! Do you notice anything different from the photos below and the one above? Eyebrows! Yes, I forgot his eyebrows until after I took most of the photos. Bob Ross has expressive eyebrows and I couldn't leave them off.

Thanks for dropping by my blog!


  1. What an awesome Bob Ross! I especially love the hair. Your work is incredible =)

  2. Allison, you are the best!!!!!! Thanks again!

  3. These are amazing! Love the Bob Ross one. And where did ya get that tiny painting??? :0)

  4. Thank you all! @J so glad you like him! :)
    @Tracy.H -- The tiny painting is a Bob Ross! It's called "Mystic Mountain"!

  5. Those are absolutely awesome. I saw your post via Craft Gawker and it brought a smile to my face. Thank You

  6. FANTABULOUS WORK!!! love it!!!

  7. I know I'm way behind on finding this post, but is there a pattern for him yet? I am DYING to make it!

    1. Scratch that- I found it on your Ravelry!! :-D Thankkkkk youuuu!

  8. I love this one. Check out my Amigurumi at


  9. I can't wait until you have a pattern out! I can't crochet, but I think my mom could make this! :) TOO awesome!

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