Friday, February 17, 2012

When I wasn't crocheting...

Something I don't get much of a chance to talk about: living in this beautiful city! I feel really blessed that my parents decided to move to central Texas before I was born!

Speaking of Austin, and crafts, my husband and I went to the grand opening of a new craft brewery here in South Austin (yes, that's capitalized because it's a separate town to us Southies) called South Austin Brewing Company. My husband's workplace is neighbors with the place and he'd met the guys that run it. We had no idea it was the hot ticket last weekend! We drove up and were astounded at the crowd! Our favorite tex-mex was nearby so we just drove over there and had some drinks. You know, to get ready to drink (ha).

Trudy's on Little Texas Lane is our favorite place for a Mexican Martini. We got a couple and some Tinga nachos. If we were staying for a full meal, I'm sure one of us would have ordered the Stuffed Avocado (pictured here). After that, my favorite dessert in ALL of Austin. Well, one of my favorites (I'm a dessert girl; aren't we all?!). The brownie a la mode. It's got a layer of cream cheese, fudge icing, and is topped with Amy's Mexican Vanilla ice cream, THE best vanilla ice cream you'll ever have. Yum. (I promise this is not an ad for Trudy's!)

We headed back to the brewery and it had slowed down a little. We were able to drive in and park at my husband's shop and head over. The crowd was still huge.

The inside of the place was really cool. I'd never been inside a brewery, but the first thing I thought of was Breaking Bad. It really looked like Walt and Jesse's underground meth lab! Just sayin'...

They were sampling two kinds of beer, a Belgian Style Gold Ale, and Saison D'Austin, which were both fantastic! They gave us each three tickets which would have meant three glasses of beer, but that would have put me on the floor. It was pretty strong, but yummy! There was a live band, The Everydudes, and the place was PACKED. It was really interesting to see what a diverse crowd showed up, all in the name of supporting a new local business. Hooray! As soon as the beer gets in the bottle, we will be buying some for sure.


So craft beer can count as crafts, right? What other crafts do y'all like? Craft beer? Craftsman tools? Kraft macaroni and cheese? Minecraft?

Oh and speaking of CRAFT, CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel Hobson, of Average Jane Crafter, who was just named Editor in Chief of Craft and who absolutely ROCKS. Her writing, embroidery, eye for awesomeness, wit, all of it combined into one really cool girl put in charge of an already amazing site. Can't wait to see what she does with it!


  1. It's interesting for us Brits to have an insight into Austin life, thanks Allison. I'm definitely due for another visit to the States!

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