Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Latest Projects

Since my last post I've been pretty productive, so I wanted to show you some things I've been working on!
This is a photo-intense post, so get ready...

I made this doll of a birthday girl and her pet cat, including a little kitty hat her mom had made her! She had a little removable tie-front cardigan with tiny flowers on one lapel. Word is, she loved it!

I got an order for two pets for someone's birthday. The first was a bulldog, who is ADORABLE, and the second I haven't finished yet, a Boston Terrier. I got to deliver this one in person, a rare treat, and she loved him.

Next up, a doll I made for a well-known bartender that works at the hottest bar/live music venue here in Austin, the Mohawk. He's got a famous beard and is into Jiu-Jitsu. I made one doll for the Mohawk, and two dolls in Jiu-Jitsu outfits for his twin daughters. I sewed his little Western shirt out of an old one I had. His t-shirt has a Mohawk logo iron-on. Nice beard, right??

Someone you might recognize, Questlove, or DJ Questo, of The Roots, also known as Jimmy Fallon's house band. I loved making him. I made him a little hair pick out of glittery black Sculpey clay, drumsticks that I carved from a long wooden dowel, and little red hoodie. I was able to go to The Roots' show at the Mohawk during SXSW and hand-deliver the doll to Questlove himself! He loved him and told me it was the most beautiful thing anyone had ever given him! I was thrilled. 

Last up is a project I actually did almost a year ago, but just got this picture! My husband wrote to the people at Rancho Obi-wan, Steve Sansweet's mecca of Star Wars collectibles. He has the largest Star Wars collection in the world and has worked for Lucasfilm and written several books about Star Wars. He was kind enough to pose with my Salacious Crumb, which I sold in the Stitch Wars Strikes Back show last summer. Awesome, right?

I'll post some more finished projects soon. I'm working on a really large order this week and then continuing work on my book. This summer I should be more able to take custom orders, my FAVORITE thing to do! Thanks for reading!


  1. All of them are SOOO AWESOME!!
    I'm really an admirer of your super detailed work. You're an inspiration for me.

    Looking forward to get your book <3

  2. I have to say, I'm in awe of your detailed work. Nice job!

  3. My husband's bulldog doll was a huge hit on his birthday! He is giddy about it and is looking forward to the Boston Terrier counterpart. We heart your creativity and wonderful art! Lisa :)

  4. Beyond. Awesome. I'm so impressed with your beard skills.

  5. I am chuckling my little socks off! Or at least I was until I saw you met the guy from The Roots, I LOVE the roots and saw them play in London so I'm a teensy bit jealous. Love it Allison. Love it!

  6. OMG, you are sooo flipping tallented!!! I am in awe!!! I cant even beginne to understand how you did this, and im an avid crafter!!! HOLLY hatt off!!

    love K

  7. You are awesome woman! Your work is amazing - how long does a custom order for a doll usually take you when they are like "mohawks"? Mad props miss - mad props... and mad talent ;)

  8. These are AMAZING!! You are one very talented woman! Love all your work, newest follower! :) -Jessica

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