Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let's All Make Things

For a long time, I've held off on giving permission to use my pattern to make dolls to sell. I do this, and I figured I had time to keep doing it and get my OCD quality control needs met, making ALL the things. A lot of designers I respect did this (and still do) and I figured it was right for me too. It was. I wasn't as busy (this was pre-book, pre-Michael's designing, pre-magazine article writing) and I wanted to make every doll I got a request for.

Fast forward to now. I love love love making dolls for people, but I just don't have the time. I don't want to say no every time, and I'm just not good at saying no anyway! (I think this is a common problem, right?) So I have decided to start allowing my patterns to be used to make dolls to sell. This only applies to the free and paid-for patterns that you can buy from me, personally. I am NOT granting anyone permission to use my patterns that I've designed for yarn companies, magazines, or my book for commercial use.

I will be putting together a list of recommended sellers, so if you'd like to be put on this list, please email me at with pictures or links to your work (from my patterns or otherwise), and where you sell your stuff. I won't rank them or anything, but I will only list makers that I feel have the experience to make items ready to sell.

I hope you're happy with this decision! It has been on my mind for at least a year, and I have thought long and hard about it. I'm trying to keep it simple, enable myself to design MORE and remake LESS, spend more time with my family, and support other hardworking crafters!

I'll still be selling one of a kind and custom dolls from time to time, so please send me requests and I'll get back to you in a timely manner. :-)

If you have any questions about this decision or anything else about the process, please let me know. I still do not allow reselling or trading of my patterns.


  1. I will send you some pics as soon as I get the chance. I have a Dwight made that I gave to my son. I have not had time to make the Doctor Who dolls for myself. I've been too busy with my real job and orders to get to anything that is just for myself.

    I look forward to your book as well.

    I sell at craft shows mostly but I will be doing my second CON in August. Working long hours to get up enough inventory for a two day event.

    I am so glad to hear things are going so well for you.

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  3. Where can I find this list? Thank you!

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