Thursday, June 27, 2013


I was honored to be invited to be in Mike Mitchell's show at Gallery 1988 in LA, Space! All of the artists were asked to create something celebrating the art of space science and travel.

I had to make a doll, of course! Carl Sagan had a lot to do with the popularization of science. Through his many books and television appearances, Sagan taught about space and astronomy, making it accessible to the public and giving them a sense of excitement about it. I had to include his trademark turtleneck and blazer, as well as one of his more recognizable books, Cosmos. Amigurumi Sagan sold on opening night.

I also wanted to do something a little different, and I have always wanted to crochet a really detailed planet Earth, so I did the whole solar system, each framed in an 8x8 shadow box. I was so excited to find some black knit fabric with tiny silver glitter sprinkled all over. I backed each planet with this starry backdrop and crocheted each planet, then attached each to a frame. They are all stuffed and embroidered, and Saturn and Uranus each have rings. This was such a fun project, even though it took me for-ev-er. I was able to use so many kinds of yarn, and as with a lot of projects like this, I learned a lot. I'll never forget the order of the planets in size and in distance from the Sun, that's for sure. I will always recognize each planet in a lineup. Yes, poor little dwarf planet Pluto got left out, but I think he's used to that by now.
Solar System of Yarn







The Sun

Although some of the frames don't appear square in the photo, they all are 8x8 inches. Hung together as a set, they make a really nice large format arrangement for any space lover's wall! This piece, Solar System of Yarn, is still available at Gallery 1988!

I was fortunate enough to make it to LA for the opening of the show. I really loved seeing all of the artwork in person, and meeting the creative forces behind Gallery 1988, as well as seeing Mike again. Mike Mitchell is moving to Austin, so I'm looking forward to seeing a lot of his work locally! He is really inspiring!

And here's me with my stuff (and a space-y dress from Modcloth!). Thanks Gallery 1988 and Mike! Make sure you check out the rest of the show at Gallery 1988. There's lots of originals and affordable prints still available.


  1. You still constantly amaze me. Such talent is recognized by so many, yet, for those of us with understanding of your medium, the scope of your talent hits us right between the eyes.

    1. Phyllis that is so sweet to say, and I so appreciate it :)

  2. Wow! I love the planets and Mike. You are amazingly talented and I love visiting your blog and looking at your stunning creation. I was so happy when I saw this new post today! :)

  3. The Carl doll is amazing, but I love the planets. I think it would make a wonderful decoration for a child's room.

  4. wow these are amazing!
    I love them all :)

  5. I like the information that you submit into this blog

  6. Normally I like what you do, but I've loved these paintings are original, funny and instructive!
    A kiss from Spain

  7. Love these! Carl Sagan has always been one of my heroes.

  8. my first visit to your blog, Greetings

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