Tuesday, May 6, 2014

AmiguruME Faces! How-to Video

AmiguruME Faces! Learn to make faces on your amigurumi

I have been loving making these videos! I've done a basic "how to crochet" video on making my Baby Monster Amigurumi, and I've done one on making dolls' hair. This next one was requested a bunch, so here it is!

Making AmiguruME Faces!

What other tips and techniques would you like to see in a video?


  1. And the nose???? How do you do that???? Is beautiful!!!!

    1. I have her book. It's worked in when making the head. It's a couple of dc.

  2. one more question, those safety eyes are 6mm or 9mm? Thank you!!!!

  3. hola me gustaria conseguir tu libro, tienes envios a mexico, me puedes dar mas información?

  4. Thank you for posting these videos. I bought a few of your patterns and have recently acquired your fabulous book. These videos help pull everything together.

  5. Super helpful video, thank you for sharing!

  6. This was a great video! It helped to see the manipulation of the stitches, and have a visual of how loose they should be kept.

    I'd personally love to see a video on hair.

  7. gerçekten bayıldım harikalar...

  8. Hair is super tricky for me! A video would be great!

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