Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Doctor Who's Done

Well, I'm done! Kinda sorta done, I mean. I fulfilled my order, and that means done. A couple of years ago I made a full set of Doctor Who doctors with the TARDIS and the Doctors 1-11. The same client that ordered them asked me to make a set of Companions and Villains to go along with them. These are some fans, y'all, and I can't blame them. There are some really cool characters on Doctor Who so she named off all of her favorites and I went to work. I finished the dolls in time for Christmas and now the patterns are all done too!

Doctor Who Companions and Villains Amigurumi Set

I have all of them listed on Ravelry and Etsy individually, and there are now two sets you can buy: The Doctors and the TARDIS set, and the Companions and Villains set. These sets are enormous. They have lots and lots of photos, illustrations, a list of yarn for each doll, and should be easy to follow. Here are some photos.

Amy Pond Amigurumi

River Song Amigurumi

Clara Oswald Amigurumi

Rory Williams Amigurumi

Weeping Angel Amigurumi

Dalek Amigurumi

Cyberman Amigurumi

The Master Amigurumi

All the Doctor Who Amigurumi together!

Anyone missing here? I've had several requests for Martha, so I'll probably do one of her some time in the future. What else can you think of? I feel like I've given the Doctor a pretty thorough treatment (ha see what I did there?), but I'm always open to suggestions!


  1. I think the Paternoster Gang would be so cool! Madame Vastra, Jenny Flint, and Strax!

  2. Brilliant, fantastic, Allons-y, Geronimo!!! I love Doctor Who, I thing You are genius!

  3. These are amazing!!! Absolutely fantastic, and they look so like them with the expressions! :)

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  6. I think you'd do a great job recreating Missy in yarn!

  7. Your patterns are amazing! I think the earlier doctors may be lacking company though, so Sarah Jane or Peri would be a good idea.

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